Online Loan Payment Guide

HHFCU now offers members the ability to make their HHFCU loan payments using an account at another financial institution or with a debit or credit card from another financial institution. This is an easy and convenient method for members to pay their loans with us electronically.  Once signed up, members can opt to get reminders by email or text. Through the link in the text or email, they can make their payments quick and easy.


  1. To make a payment to a loan you have with HHFCU via the web, go to the link You can pay by debit card or by transferring from a savings or checking account at another financial institution. A debit card will have an additional charge of $4.95 charged to the transaction. Using a savings or checking account is free of charge.


  1. The following are the steps to register to make loan payments to your HHFCU loans. (See example 1 below for screen shot)


  1. Enter your account number at HHFCU.
  2. Enter your Loan ID, ex. L0001.
  3. Enter your first and last name.
  4. Enter your email address and mobile number to receive reminders for future payments.
  5. Enter a 4 digit PIN for security.
  6. Monthly reminders can be sent on any day of the month, select the day of the month you would like to be reminded.
  7. Select email me or text me for the method you would like your reminders sent for payments. Hit continue.

ImportantNote :Each loan type will need a profile, you must register for each loan you have at HHFCU that you will be paying through this process.

8.   Once you have registered, each time you log back in go to the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Already Registered Login Here’.


3) If you are already registered, enter your email address and PIN that you set up the first time you registered. If you forgot your PIN, click on ‘Reset My PIN’. See example 2.

4) Click on the green bar, “Make Payment”, along the top of the home screen to make a payment. See example 3.


5) If you have set up more than one account they will be linked to the email you provided upon setup. Choose the loan you are making the payment to. See example 4.


6) Enter the dollar amount of the payment. For first time users click ‘Add a Payment Method’. See example 5.

7) Credit or Debit Card Method – Select Debit or Credit Card from the drop-down. Enter the card number, expiration date, and zip code to verify the card information. Click on ‘Save Debit/Credit Card’ Button. The information will be stored for future payments. See example 6.

8) Bank Account Method – Select Bank Account from the drop-down. Enter the bank account number that the monies are coming from, reenter the number to confirm. Enter the Routing Number for the bank account the monies are coming from. Select the type of account the funds are coming from. Click on ‘Save Bank Account’. The information will be stored for future payments. See example 7.

9) Enter the dollar amount of the payment. Select either a payment method already entered to make your payment or choose to add a new payment method. To make the payment hit “Next – Review Payment”. See example 8.

10) A confirmation screen will pop up to confirm the payment before sending. If all the information is correct, hit confirm to continue. See example 9.

11) Once confirm is hit you will get a pop-up electronic payment disclosure that you will read and if you agree to the terms, select “I agree.” See example 10.

12) If you select agree, the next screen is verifying that your transaction has been processed. See example 11.

13) Monthly payment reminders can be set up to be received through email or text messages once you have registered. On the home page click on ‘My Profile’. See example 12.

14) Click on the ‘Notifications’ tab. Once in that screen, you can select the frequency of the reminders and how you would like to receive them. Click ‘Save Preference’ to update. See example 13.