BALANCE™ FREE Confidential Financial Counseling

 BALANCE™ FREE Confidential Financial Counseling

Achieve BALANCE™ with FREE Confidential Financial Counseling exclusively for HHFCU members.

At Hudson Heritage, we want to help you achieve your financial goals, whether it means getting out of debt, buying your first home, saving for college or retiring. HHFCU is proud to offer members BALANCE™ FREE Confidential Financial Counseling. BALANCE™ counselors can answer any questions you may have about money online or by phone. They provide online budgeting, advice and educational services that can help you easily understand how to manage your money.

All HHFCU members can get FREE, confidential assistance through BALANCE™ on the following topics:

InfoLine Certified credit counselors are available from 8AM through 11PM to answer your questions about budgeting, credit, and other personal finance topics.

Money Management Counseling Whether you want to get out of debt, pay your bills with ease, or save for retirement, a counselor can help you design a realistic spending and savings plan.

Buying A Home Comprehensive education on all aspects of the homebuying process, including saving for a down payment, applying for a mortgage, and preparing for closing.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling If you are struggling with your mortgage payments, BALANCE™ offers early delinquency intervention counseling to discuss the options available to avoid foreclosure.

Identity Theft Solutions Get tools and guidance on steps you can take to protect yourself against identity theft and what you can do if you become a victim.

Debt Repayment Options A counselor can help you explore all your options for getting out of debt, including a Debt Management Plan – a structured repayment option to help you become debt free

Questions? Call Balance™ toll-free at 888-456-2227 or visit

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